Rough Cut Bracelet

$40 USD

Searching for a spectacular and adaptable piece of jewelry? Discover the women's chunky thick bracelet from Valentina & Rose! This bracelet boasts a unique native design that's sure to garner attention. Crafted with attention and care for a flawless fit, it's perfect for dressing up special looks and occasions.

As a timeless addition to your jewelry collection, this women's chunky thick bracelet is a meaningful and treasured piece that will endure for years. Its solid construction guarantees the bracelet will retain its glamorous luster and shape over time, making it an eternal and fashion-forward addition to your wardrobe.

Shop now! It's an inspiring and unique piece that also offers subtle versatility. With timeless elegance, it adds a graceful touch to your look. Plus, its durable construction ensures it's a one-of-a-kind piece you'll enjoy wearing for years to come.


    • Length 7.08" | 180mm

    • Thickness 0.19" | 5mm

    • Designed in Japan

    • Product ID 30465581

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