Evi Necklace

$45 USD

The Evi womens chunky gold necklace adds a unique touch to any outfit. Made of quality materials, its intricate detail gives it a bold and stylish look. An excellent choice for both casual or formal wear, the Eevi Necklace blends well with any wardrobe.

This is more than just a fashionable accessory. It's designed to stand the test of time, with materials that ensure lasting quality and durability. Make a statement you can feel good about with the Eevi Necklace. The Evi women's chunky gold necklace is an investment in timeless fashion. It's a piece of Jewelry you can rely on, designed to keep its shape and sparkle over time. Its quality and durability make this accessory a piece you'll have for years. 


    • Length 22.83" | 580mm Adjustable

    • Diameter 1.45" | 37mm

    • Weight 5.50oz | 156g

    • Designed: Italy

    • Product code: 81844013

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