Esmeralda Ring

$30 USD

The Esmeralda one-size gold ring with diamonds from Valentina & Rose is a stunning piece made of gold-plated brass and featuring multiple diamonds. Adjustable to fit most finger sizes.

Elevate your Jewelry collection with this elegant ring, perfect for special occasions. Shop now at Valentina & Rose. This fine Jewelry piece is sure to add a touch of sophistication and shine to any ensemble. The brass is plated with the highest quality 14K yellow gold and each diamond is carefully handcrafted for a unique, luxurious finish.


  • Elegant, timeless design for all occasions.
  • Luxurious gold band
  • Timeless, versatile design
  • Multiple diamonds


  • One Size
  • Width 0.2cm
  • Thickness 0.1cm
  • Weight 1g

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